Welcome at the Berlin Auction House for History!

At our auctions we regularly auctioneer a widespread
assortment of collectibles of military and historical items
from all countries.
Our auctions are held four times a year.

On our website you will find pictures and detailed
descriptions of all items to be auctioned.
Of course you also can visit us directly at the
Berlin Auction House for History.

We accept written bids, bids by telephone and also online ones.




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Annually up to 10.000 collectibles change their owners during our auctions. Choose  from a wide range of objects, like uniforms, orders, coins, books, albums, art, toys, literature, photographs and documents, jewelry, clocks and many other objects with historical reference.


I want to sell!

You want to sell items of your militaria collection or an estate of militaria, historical items or other important objects from the past ? Dealing with that the Berlin Auction House for History is your competent and relevant business partner.

We have a global buyer and customer base and for your collectibles we issue a printed catalogue with detailed descriptions of your items, including colored photographs. The catalogue is fully visible online.


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Since we also offer historical and military objects from the period 1933 – 1945 it would be necessary for you to register on our website. For buying these objects and especially for showing them online on our website we need your confirmation that you obey the restrictions of § 86a of StGB (German criminal code).

With your registration you will also be entitled to participate online at our auction. Once-only we gather your billing address and the desired payment (by invoice / credid card / debit). There is no need to provide these data again at following biddings. Of course all data are treated strictly confidential.


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